• Slide 60 - Black Sports
  • Slide 50 - Gold Christmas
  • Slide 10 - Black Wedding
  • Slide 40 - Black Halloween
  • Slide 20 - White Dog
  • Slide 30 - Red Marine

Showcasing Life's Greatest Moments

A patent pending minimally invasive decorating tool that can be used in homes, schools, churches, offices, etc. The Collage Creator quickly, easily, and cleanly creates a customizable collage inspired theme of your choosing. This product is completely customizable as you can apply endless combinations using different individual items. All of which are inspired by your imagination, while only putting a maximum of two holes in your walls!

Great for:  Homes, offices, awards and accolades, custom displays, holidays, special memories, vacations, or any of life's most precious moments.

Each Collage Creator is hand built and fabricated with great care in the USA by an American owned and operated family. They are built with precision and made to last a lifetime. This product can be repurposed and reconfigured as often as you wish  for all of life's multiple stages.

The Collage Creator is truly unique, there is nothing else in the world quite like it. When it comes to life's most precious moments, why not choose to display them in a memorable and unique way.